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 Feel the adrenaline pumping thrill of flying a powerful jet airliner as well as many different types of aircraft both large and small, propeller or jet powered.

Sure, flying a commercial jet airliner is simply awesome albeit at some point during your time with us, you may well fancy flying over tree tops in a small single engine unless of course a water or snow plane is more to your liking! The fact is we can access dozens of different and exiting aircraft in our database ranging from classic to modern, single or twin engined, piston or jet powered, large or small, civilian or military. With enough time up your sleeve, only Jet Flight Simulator Perth, lets you try such contrasting piloting experiences, so much so, you'll be itching to return soon to try more of them out!

Any which way, take the controls to experience first-hand what it’s like to be a pilot and to face the same exciting challenges they face. Modern Aircrews are highly trained to ensure your safety. Get a taste of the skill and discipline required in the cockpit that ensures your safety and transports you swiftly across the globe. Perhaps you are considering a career as a Pilot or are purely curious. Let us give you the bug and the thrill of this awesome career. Not considered becoming a Pilot? Maybe after your flight experience with the Jet Flight Simulator Perth Crew, you will!

Onlookers are Welcome!

Bring up to four of your your family and friends to join you right the inside the simulator room (not herded into another room, forced to watch on tv as occurs elsewhere). That's right, they'll be sitting right behind you or even standing and looking over your shoulder in the Captain's seat. We even let them have a quick go (that is, if you don't mind). Either way, we often see them grabing hold as the aircraft manoeuvres through the air, immersed in the experience almost as much as you are - yep, it's that real!

Further given how our sessions entertain all visitors, you get huge value for money! 

We've been asked "how do you make the floor move?" Well, umm, ours is actually a fixed-base simulator meaning the floor is solid and hence a safe platform for participant and spectator alike but your brain may tell you otherwise. Don't be surprised - we never are!

Safer Than Driving!

Perhaps the thought of flying worries you? Fear of flying, or Aerophobia, is common. Let us show you the safety features with all the checks and balances in place. Challenge and response. Check, check and re-check. Familiarity with the equipment and techniques used to ensure your safety will put your mind at ease. Fly-in, Fly-Out and dread it? Remember, the most dangerous part of any Commercial flight is the drive to the airport - by a long way. And as the Airforce used to say in their recruitment ads "Familiarity Breeds Awe!"

Opening Hours

By appointment only - typically Saturday's 9am - 5pm albeit mid-week may be possible depending on pilot availability and the length of your flight as being we must pay our pilot a minimum of three hours for attending.

Sunday's by appointment only (30% surcharge applies to help cover the 50% uplift to award rates that we must pay our pilot).

No walk-ins!

IMPORTANT: Due to sudden cancellations and other unforseen events, in the interests of maintaining an efficient flight schedule, then just like a real airline, we reserve the right to rescheduled your simulated flight booking to another date and or time. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.